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I KNOW there's a huge number of scene folks out there who are not just looky-loo's, but are tremendously creative and think outside the box.

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- 20th JUNE, 2016 -

Here's some of the latest. and where possible, I've linked the images back to the originating sites. Should any web master/site owner feel that I've done them a disservice by showing the images, please let me know immediately and I will remove them ASAP.

Please visit these sites to support their efforts to bring you the eye candy you find in this section of the web site. Thanks!

One last thing ... if you've visited this section of the site before, you'll undoubtedly note that there are duplicate entries for a few images, but the consoling factor is that what is good to look at once, deserves to be seen again :-).

- Breast Play -

Human female breasts and nipples are a source of continuing fascination for most males and to be able to decorate them is something that both the owners of the breasts and their male counterparts enjoy doing.

Then, of course, because the breast is so well presented, it is easy to torment in many truly evil manners: stretching, electrifying, binding, suspension by them and of course piercing's to enhance their beauty or to be used for additional restraints.

- Corsetry & Fashion -

The female body and its shapeliness are naturally beautiful, but there are always ways of emphasizing the shape and corsetry is something that is used extensively for this.  Be advised though that the wearing of a corset is generally NOT a pleasant experience and especially so if carried to extremes.  Add the corsetry over a rubber or leather suit and the result can be astounding.

BELOW: Annalai is an icon in terms of severely restraining corsets and tight lacing.  It has taken her many years to be able to wear the garments she does and now, apparently, she is kept corseted 23 hours a day.  Effectively, her corset and shoulder brace combination have become her own very personalized, mobile prison.

BELOW: In addition to the regular range of corsets, others of special design are mated with ones for the neck and assorted braces that ensure the near helplessness of the wearer.

- Discipline Seat -

Discipline of any type is SUPPOSED to be unpleasant and so it is, even though the person being disciplined might be seated.  In some cases extreme pleasure soon turns to misery and especially so if the seated victim cannot see or hear what is about to be done to them.  Even if they are permitted the privilege of sight, there is nothing they can do to avoid what is going to be done to them.

- The Human Equine -

Humans are animals.  That being said, there is a strong desire by many, both male and female to actually want to look like one and take on some of the aspects of the horse they wish to become.  Elaborate helmets and harness are created to make the appearance and actions of the human animal as close to the real thing as is possible.

- Male Chastity Play -

There is, not surprisingly in today's world of 2016, a growing number of males who are voluntarily surrender their ability to enjoy conventional sexual relations, although this phenomena is tempered by the fact that many males who find their genitals imprisoned in a chastity device of some kind, have been coerced into wearing it, for whatever reason.

In many cases, this surrender of sexual capability as a male is enhanced by the wearing of female undergarments as well; this being a concession to his being controlled by his female partner, and also and perhaps a sensory alignment that he would not otherwise experience.

Additional control of the male can be easily attained by the use of a chain leash locked on to his genital prison, and as well, weights and scrotum stretching steel weights are also used to keep his reactions subdued and controllable.

Weights are only one aspect that can be employed and many chastity cages also have the capability of employing a deeply inserted urethral tube that he feels constantly. and knows that with this tube in place, there is NO possibility of him being able to somehow withdraw his organ from the confines of the cage.

Some full-on belts (genital imprisoning portion as well as a locked on waist band) completely conceal the male plumbing, yet others offer a tantalizing sight of the imprisoned body part, but it cannot be touched or caressed.

Humiliation of the male that is kept confined in a chastity device is a large part of the equation of submission to a Master or a Mistress.  Cuffs, collars, chains, and special uniforms part of the environment of submission, and truth be told, are mostly worn without major resistance by the captive male, but perhaps only in private.

- Milked Maidens -

Humans are mammals and as a consequence the human female body is destined to provide food for newborns and growing babies; this in the form of milk.

For those of us in the kink community it is not a long leap to consider that a female can, in fact, be partially turned into a dairy cow and be milked by machine as required.  She, once framed in this role, will not be a happy person, especially as the role becomes more tightly defined.  Her breasts are no longer her own to control access to and soon she finds herself a captive.

Some human cows are fortunate to have specially designed cups for their milking, but unfortunately for others, regular cow milking machines and teat suckers are employed and soon become quite painful for they latch directly onto the nipple and aureole, dragging them out further and further with each pulsation.

The female to be milked should always be thoroughly restrained; this primarily to prevent her from trying to remove her milking apparatus, but also to prevent her from moving too violently when she attempts to escape her milking time.

When the milking suction devices "latch-on" to the female's nipples and aureole's the sensations she experiences are very strong and will soon cause her to begin screaming and weeping for release or for the process to be stopped.  A feeding gag is recommended.

Generally, female, human cows are only found in isolation and many are kept in their own especially designed milking stations.  Here they are fed automatically and fully restrained at all times, thus rendering them available for sexual intercourse if it is desired she be a part of.

One of the favourite fantasies of those who want to see females as cows, is to imagine whole herds of them kept in large, industrial barns where they spend every waking hour.  They are fed highly-nutritious and foods that aid in milk production and subjected to regular, automatically applied sexual orgasms by their chastity belts.

- Reclined Restraint & Suspension -

Reclined restraint is perhaps the easiest, in some ways, bondage practice to do and leaves the practitioner in a reasonably comfortable position.  Complete sensory deprivation is normally the goal of the person who wishes to practice this type of bondage.  Generally, some form of entombment/complete covering is employed together with immobilizing straps and fastenings to the bed or bench.

Being bound and in suspension of whatever type is one of the most strenuous of bondage practices and in most cases cannot be sustained for long periods of time. Sensory deprivation while in suspension (the loss of gravity) adds hugely to the entire experience.

- Rubbery Fun -

In my view, rubber wear of all types is the primary fetish material for those who have experienced the scene in depth.  Its use ranges from simple garments that might be seen in any club, to the far more complex and perhaps sinister cat suits, full enclosure devices and gas masks.