20TH JANUARY, 2015


My personal kink explorations over the past couple of years have been less frequent than in the past, but I suppose this is  normal function of growing older.  However!  All is not misery and desolation!  I occasionally managed to get involved with my favourite toys, situations and friends to assist me with my explorations.  Here below is a selection of 'once over lightly' pix and I hope they are of some value. 

Probably of more interest to you than seeing me doing the same-old, same-old, I have had a couple of opportunities to enjoy playing with some of my favourite ladies along the way, and those times brought great joy to us all.  Ladies, thank you so much.



The first lovely lady to come for a visit in 2013 was my very good friend MSPENTYOUTH.  She is a delight to play with, being very smart, a beautiful lady and a true B&D/S&M kinkster whose curiosity gets her into some of the damnedest situations.

At first she just walked around in the pony boots (made by GRIMLY_FEENDISH) but then  she wanted to try a little suspension and of course, I was more than happy to oblige.

If you've never tried it, bondage while in suspension is a real trip. The restraints suddenly become even more real than normal, if that's possible.  With no way to move other than within the limits of the suspension system, it changes your outlook on the possibility of escape in a big way.

Quite a few years ago now, I purchased a neck corset, and its head harness as well as an open-face helmet from TOP-TO-BOTTOM LEATHERS and we decided to give them a try before moving on to other areas and toys.

And then it was time for further adventures, this time on the SYBIAN, with it jacked up quite a ways and MSPENTYOUTH fully fastened onto it, while the machinery between her legs went crazy.


- MID-JANUARY, 2013 -

On the left, The Creature continues to hang in the Whine Cellar, although I've gotten rid of the barred wall I created many years ago.  The centre pic shows the use of small sized, e-stim capable breast cups and the vacuum is strong enough to keep them tightly in place.  In the right pic, the full vacuum/e-stim complement.


- MID-MARCH, 2013 -

In the three top pix you can see the development of the bi-polar, urethral insert, and the mounting sleeve.  The three bottom pix show the cap's internal wiring, and then the middle shows the assembled unit.  Right side pic shows the vacuum hoses attached.  When completely fitted, there are then two completely separate electrode systems for energising the penis. These can be operated separately or together and the sensations created can be EXTREMELY intense.

For those guys who are interested, and I KNOW that there's a ton of you out there ... here's a short description of what happens:

1 - I shave my crotch thoroughly for cleanliness, efficiency of electrical contact and to get a good air-tight seal for the tube, then put on the waist cinch.

2 - I next slather a generous portion of the contact gel on my dick and butt, and also ensure that the internal side electrodes of the penis tube and both the butt plug electrodes are also coated.

3 - With the end cap not yet mounted onto the tube, I then put on the crotch cup, sliding myself fully into the penis tube.  Knowing what is to come soon, it is impossible not to become erect and with the contact gel acting also as a lubricant, I'm soon fully inside.

4 - After the front mounting straps for the crotch cup are connected, it is time to fit the bi-polar butt plug, then tighten the crotch harness fully, thus ensuring an airtight seal for the penis tube and a deep penetration of the butt plug.

5 - The 7mm diameter, bi-polar penis, urethral electrode is washed thoroughly then coated with contact gel before being inserted.

6 - Slowly and using care, the tip of the electrode shaft is slipped into the urethra, then gradually pressed all the way in.  There is no pain from the insertion process, but you certainly know that there is a rigid shaft within you.

7 - I do a 'circuit check' at this point to ensure that the two penile electrode systems and the butt plug are all functional, then it's time to dress in the remainder of the e-stim equipment and restraints before proceeding to the Whine Cellar


- LATE APRIL, 2013 -

MARYANNE and MISTERESS MARLENE had come over from Vancouver Island for a visit and for Mary-Anne to familiarize herself with the operation of parts of The Creature's e-stim gear.

Left pic... me fiddling with the lacing for the TOP-TO-BOTTOM-LEATHERS Isolation and Discipline helmet while wearing my LATOWSKI chastity belt (with penis electrodes) and the AXSMAR thigh cuffs.  Back view showing butt plug electrode wire and plug cover plate.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the cuffs and collars in the images below are made by AXSMAR.

MaryAnne ensuring that the RUBBER'S FINEST helmet is zipped fully closed and thus becomes quite tight over my face and head, then, once it has been smoothed out, the TTBL helmet is fitted over the rubber one.  When the TTBL helmet is laced fully, everything encasing my head suddenly becomes very claustrophobic.

Getting strapped down is an exciting and sometimes scary process.  As the strap are added then tightened I can feel myself imprisoned within the chastity belt, struggling to come more erect, but it's impossible and only ensures that the internal electrodes are fully in contact.

The TTBL helmet was too much to take, at least this time, and so it came off and Mary-Anne finalized all of the strap tightening so that I was almost fully immobilised on the bed.

With all the straps tight and all the e-stim wires connected, it was time to be fitted with the gas mask

The strap network permitted a little struggling, but it was fully effective at keeping me in place on the bed.

The gas mask was soon fitted to an airtight seal against the surface of the rubber helmet, then the air supply hoses were added and screwed on tightly.

Now fully into the head space of the session, I waited quietly for what Mary-Anne would do, pulling a little against the restraints to assure myself that there really was no escape until she released me.

The water in the Bubbler Bottle Breath Restriction and Control system began to froth quite strongly when I inhaled deeply from the increasingly violent application of the e-stim.  The tight gas mask and hoses acted to muffle my yells and then howls.  We played like this for what seemed a long time, then she relaxed and I changed costumes, now getting into the full rubber ensemble of The Creature.

The Creature in its full form is a heavy, complex, very restricting and isolating discipline, control and training system.  It takes a long time to get fully into it and once all the strap have been fastened and the suspension begins, there is no escape.

Mary-Anne, although at first a little intimidated by the controls available to her, soon got to know what to do and within minutes I was jumping and shuddering to her electrical and vacuum commands.  Certainly, I've done this many times now, but it is still a scary and tempestuous experience.


- EARLY MAY. 2013 -

After a long time of backing and forthing on my part, then getting to meet the creators face to face (a lovely couple for sure), I finally received my TOP-TO-BOTTOM-LEATHERS Isolation and Discipline Helmet in 2012 and WOW!  It is something else.  I have since added-in one of their lovely collars to go with the helmet and the combination is great.


- MID-JUNE, 2013 -

My most recent acquisitions from AXSMAR are the revised editions of their wonderfully effective nose septum shackle.  I bought three and their leashes, as can be seen.


- END OF JUNE, 2013 -

A lovely surprise came towards the end of june when MSPENTYOUTH came calling again and we enjoyed more fun and frolics with the assorted gear.  It's a great way to spend an afternoon ... harnessing and strapping down a willing and beautiful young woman.

The restraint straps are arranged in such a way that no matter how one pulls, the restriction is quickly felt.

MSPENTYOUTH is a delightful lady to put in a harness and then turn her into an easily controlled Horse Woman.


- MID-AUGUST, 2013 -

A few years ago I purchased a dental chair from a guy in SFO and for the longest time it sat in the Whine Cellar, awaiting modification.  Here's some pix showing what it evolved into with the addition of restraint loops and finally the recovering of the foot rests, the seat and the back.

I did the engineering to mount the chair on the piston that is also used for the SYBIAN and the two are easily interchangeable.  However, the chair does not do what **I** want it to and so I am looking to get rid of it.  It would sold 'as is' (stand not included) and shipping is at the purchaser's cost.  Asking $500.00 USD.



A good friend and a wonderful, professional Domme, MISTRESS ELEISE came to visit and do a little play, much to my delight.  Not only is she a physically beautiful lady, she has a most attractive personality and is a highly intelligent woman with a delightful sense of humour and a well rounded view of the world.

Two images immediately above show the deeply inserted nostril tubes outer ends.  The helmet acts to keep them in place and after the initial discomfort of being fitted with them, their presence is soon forgotten.

Once again I was strapped down on the bed, fully-fitted with all the e-stim and vacuum equipment.  It is impossible to resist any demand made of you when the e-stim and vacuum can be used mercilessly to ensure obedience.



Over the years, I've always been fascinated with the concept of forced, male milking by a dedicated machine arrangement.  Of course, I refer to milking not only of the breasts, but also of the male organ, but any of the equipment I'd found was never in the size range that I wanted.

Finally, I found a source for the large bore milking machine tubes and so purchased them, then modified each one so that it was also e-stim capable

The 'claws' that power the actual milking teat suckers are pretty sophisticated, although not expensive, valve arrangement that provides the "SSSHHH-SSSTTTUKK ... SSSHHH ... SSSTTTUKK ... SSSHHH-SSSTTTUKK ... SSSHHH ... SSSTTTUKK ..." sound of operation and although I could use a single 'claw' for all of the fittings, I use two, in order to provide a differential experience.

I also employ two vacuum pumps and these are very strong machines.  When the teat sucking units 'latch-on' to the flesh, either the nipples or the penis, they are difficult to dislodge.

On the left, the 'business end of the vacuum/electrical teat sucker used on the penis.  Deep inside at the end is a conical spiral that the head of the penis and then the end ring, so that e-stim flows out along the shaft.  On the right are the nipple suckers and the difference in the electrode arrangement, so that e-stim passes across and through the nipple.


- MID-APRIL, 2014 -

Of course, being the kink I am and one with a sometimes, seemingly insatiable appetite for the weird and wild, I HAD to experiment (many times) with how the sensations work.  For the first 5 minutes or so, the suck-release, suck-release, suck-release is interesting, but it soon becomes distinctly annoying and then somewhat painful as the flesh within the suckers engorges with sensitising blood, but then the e-stim seems to be even stronger.


- MID-JUNE,2014 -

In June of 2014, ANNA ROSE and her Husband Uwe came to visit and see the local area as well as to do some photo-shoots for her and one for me.  It was a wonderful visit and highly productive for us all.

The first thing that ANNA wanted to do was go do my version of the horse woman role play and so we spent a little time getting her dressed in suitable rubber.


And then it was back into the Whine Cellar for a ride on my version of the SYBIAN.  It was soon set up and I added-in some of my own equipment to 'enhance' Anna's ride.


Anna had played with parts of The Creature in the past and we'd done some experimental stuff, but this time, she wanted to do the full tip and being the eager old bastard I am, I soon had things ready.


- MID-JUNE, 2014 -

And then it was MY turn :-).  Anna is a skilled and caring Domme and so we proceeded rapidly with the preparations and soon my SEGUFIX restraint network was tight and snug,and most importantly of all, utterly inescapable.

Anna soon got the idea with the vacuum devices and they were soon positioned and sucking gently .. for the moment.

I don't think that this kind of 'therapy' is available in hospitals, so I've managed to create my own special place.

It was a great way to spend the afternoon and having added even a few more restrain straps ... below the knees and above the elbows, I can't wait to do it again.